Minutes 1973Minutes 1973
Minutes 1973
18 Aug 2008 
The Coore ArmsThe Coore Arms
The Coore Arms unmodernised with old stables at the rear, intact.
18 Aug 2008 
General layout of the centre of the villageGeneral layout of the centre of the village
General layout of the centre of the village at the time of the estate sale.
18 Aug 2008 
Minutes 1972Minutes 1972
Minutes 1972
18 Aug 2008 
John and Agnes in retirementJohn and Agnes in retirement
John and Agnes in retirement at Springfield.
18 Aug 2008 
The Institute Sold 1973The Institute Sold 1973
In 1973 the Institute sold for £2750 which was used to help purchase the old school.
18 Aug 2008 

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